The Leading Pioneer of Computational Linguistics for Kokborok

National Institute of Technology, Agartala Assistant Professor and former associate Dean Dr. Swapan Debbarma has been working on natural language processing (NLP) for incorporating Kokborok into machine learning and translation. The research study started from around 2008 to integrate Kokborok into advanced system of Universal Networking Language. 


Colloboration with Scholars like Khumbar Debbarma, Braja Gopal Patra, Sambit Sampathy, Sanchali Das have made a beginning of Computational Linguistics for Kokborok at the National Institute of Technology, Agartala.


A pioneer paper titled "Morphological Analysis of Kokborok for Universal Networking Language Dictionary" published and presented on March 2012 paved a way for the first time. Earlier a conference paper "A Light weight stemmer in Kokborok" garnered interest for more research in the related field.


With the need for incorporation of human languages in interaction human-computer interactions, research and development for Kokborok is crucial for using the full potential of Information and Communication Technology. Example like virtual assistant Ok Google, Siri and TV remote will be able to understand an input voice command if integration of Kokborok in an UNL is completed soon.


Dr. Swapan Debbarma team at NIT, Aguli, Computer Science and Engineering Department Lab now focuses on Modern computational linguistics that combines computer science and mathematics (especially statistics) with linguistics in fields such as morphology, syntax, or semantics. 


With a goal to fully integrate Kokborok in advanced UNL system Dr. Swapan Debbarma writes: “As I held from a very humble background, my ultimate goal is to make Natural language processing (NLP) as a medium to explore the dialects to machines. Finally, I used NLP for computers to achieve human-like comprehension of texts/languages. When this is achieved, computer systems will be able to understand, draw inferences, summarize, translate and generate accurate and natural human text and language.”


Presently, Dr. Swapan Debbarma is a faculty of the Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSED, NIT Aguli supervising Ph.D and Master Scholars. His research and teaching interests are High Performance Computing, computer architecture, advance operating systems, Nattural Language Processing (NLP) and Computational Linguistics. He was the Chair of the CSED, NITA from 2008 to 2012 and the former Associate Dean.


Report by– B Motom Deb Barma (@, Editor-in-Chief and Policy Correspondent